About Electronic Education Report

For nearly 20 years, top executives and decision-makers have relied on Electronic Education Report to consistently deliver critical news and informed perspective on the K-12 electronic instructional materials market. As the market for technology in schools has evolved, so too has Electronic Education Report. Each issue contains insights into the current opportunities and challenges facing instructional software providers, as well as relevant analysis of emergent technologies.

Our editorial mission is to make Electronic Education Report an essential resource for evaluating the trends affecting the industry, assessing market opportunities, benchmarking performance among market leaders, and developing realistic, effective strategies for maximum short- and long-term growth among companies that provide instructional technology products and services.

With comprehensive market coverage whose range includes distance learning, mergers and acquisitions, scrutiny of individual company financial performance, compliance with federal legislation, analysis of critical trends to news on policy, funding and enrollment, Electronic Education Report has distinguished itself as a must-read in the educational technology industry.

Electronic Education Report is subscribed to by top executives and decision-makers at all the major companies involved in the K-12 instructional software market, from c-level officers to senior managers involved in content production, marketing, product development and/or business development. These executives represent companies that provide instructional software products and services, as well as traditional textbook publishers, industry suppliers, media industry analysts, investment bankers and venture capitalists.

The print version of Electronic Education Report is produced biweekly, 24 issues per year, and is delivered digitally by downloading a PDF of the latest edition from your Personal Library.